Autumn is coming


Autumn is here. I saw her. Looking out my window there was a tree whose leaves on one side had gone all red. A bright patch in the crowd of green. Autumn more than any other time of year I can feel the full force of change. Winter to Spring is and explosion of warmth and green, but there is no energy in the air. Spring slides into summer and autumn fades into winter. The change from summer to autumn isn't abrupt by any means, but in some ways it does sneak up on you. The first cold day is always a surprise to me. I leave my house, ready to conquer the world. Only to have a gust of cold wind pound my face. It feels good, my body embracing the cold breeze in retaliation for enduring the long hot summer.

Soon the trees will be in bloom, full of browns and reds. Some yellow leaves will make their presence known, as bright beak among the muddy hues. For a short time all will be perfect. The energy in the air will surround us and charge us. The colors will blind us and show us the way. The cold chill in the air will be beaten back by our simple jackets and our wool scarfs.

Autumn is coming by
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