Beauty the surface is veneer

The Birth of Venus (Botticelli)

We often don’t see more than just the surface of what we observe.

This painting is an example. What do you see. A girl, nude, born out of the sea. She hides herself every so slightly in anticipation of a cloth from her host. One might explain that there is a social commentary going on. The artist has something specific to say and the artist is using the girl, beauty, wealth and composition to tell a story. All these interpretations are valid, but I don’t think they go deep enough.

I see wealth. Not as you might expect it, in the sense that there are expensive objects in the image. Rather I see the wealth of a nation, of a world. I see bellies full of food, and nights in quiet safety. In short I see artists who have no want of food or shelter. No fear of wild beast, or warring tribes. I see an artist who has solved the survival problem. Rather the government for his country has.

I see a fancy painting. I see global commerce, electronics built on years of research and testing, manufactured on state of the art machines. Themselves the result of decades of practice building machines.

Beauty and art are tools of the rich

Rich alone does not describe cash. Only lowest of Americans or Europeans must endure what our ancestors must have battled. Or worse, what the people of Siyria are battling now

Take a look again the next time you see a piece of art. Divine the deeper meaning behind the meaning.

Beauty the surface is veneer by
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