Dawnism, fear the morning sun

Sunrise at Churchill Downs
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Ah yes, another fine Sunday morning. The sun crests over the trees as I go out my weekly grocery shopping and prepare for a nice breakfast out. It’s the best time of the week to go out as there are very few other people and it makes for a relaxed experience.

Though what I like about it is also lamentable to me. Most of the people I know hate the morning with a passion. Just yesterday I saw a facebook post from early in the morning where a friend questioned his sanity for having gotten a decent night sleep and being awake at what I feel to be a reasonable hour. And his view is not isolated among people of our age.

It leads one to ponder if the vampire fad is more than just an isolated homo erotic metaphor embraced by the modern woman, and instead is a symptom of a deeper shift in our cultural continental drift. It’s such a easy mythos to embrace as, aside from the blood sucking, its finer points easily overly with our cultures current beliefs. Rejection of the old, experimenting with the new, ingesting strange substances, the devil may care attitude, and of course living into the night and rejecting the day.

Really though I blame Thomas Edison. There used to be a time when lamp oil or tallow candles cost a pretty penny, and night owlism was saved for the lucky few of whom is was demanded. Edison made it cheap and easy to trip the light fantastic, virtually creating a new world. So now we have lights and roads and 24 hour food stores, something that even 14 years ago was a little uncommon.

So as I sit here, the warm sun beating in the windows of the empty coffee shop and feel torn between the peaceful calm and knowing that it will be a couple of hours before see anyone I know.

Dawnism, fear the morning sun by
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