First impressions in the age of instant

First impressions, like the cover of an old book
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Amazon has started a new program called Kindle for the web. It allows Amazon partners to embed parts of a book into their website and for visitors to read part of all of the first chapter. Far be it from us to peruse a book or magazine at the corner shop to see what it may hold. Our lives have become too complicated for that. With dwindling attention now more than ever the first impression holds a great importance.

You can't judge a book by it's cover, but you just might have to

It's not just books, but everything, we must instantly size up and make a judgment on before we loose the chance. And often we don't have enough information to fully comprehend what has just entered our lives. We learn to not beat around the bush when we meet new people, and will ever more exchange polite niceties for brisk directness.

The new world will adapt, and a lot of the old will be lost in the churn. The old won't be able to survive, they will be relics in a brave new frontier. The first several chapters of the Fellowship of the Rings are not the best indicators of the adventure to follow. Sure authors now will write for marketing and first-impression-ability of their opening chapter. And musicians will do the same with the 30 second song clips that are allowed to speak for the whole of the record.

Make the time

While the carousel of progress tirelessly turns we must not cast off the past so easily, and embrace, when we make time, the calm moments of discovery and wonder. Take a moment when encountering new things to explore them. Reserve your judgment not for the instant it comes to you, but till you have spent quality time learning and exploring your something new.

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