Google plus, or the consolidation of online identity

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google+, facebook, RSS, twitter, linkedin, or email it's all about information filtering and identity seperation. Add your likes, remove your dislikes, post and reply in the proper tone. Linkedin is filtered with important business, while facebook is my friends and frivolous follies, and I pray the two shall never meet.

google+ is an interesting challenger on the scene as it allows better separation of concerns than twitter or facebook does. And allows for greater control over first impressions people will have of me. It is still connected to a single small identity though. A small thread linking my professional face with my after hours flashdance antics.

Having separate websites, nee business entities, for my different personas is very very safe. It is easy for me to see I am on Linkedin's website and know to speak in full sentences about business matters. It is easy to know when I'm on facebook and ROFLWTFOMG every one of my cute kitten posts. Bringing together all these parts of my identity under one roof in google+ is troublesome. How easy would it be for someone (not me of course) to drunk post to the wrong circle. A dangerous affair for one circle is part and parcel for another.

Is it possible to have one single online identity hub? (I hope not.)

Google plus, or the consolidation of online identity by
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