Jony Ive and Human Interface

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Jony Ive is now in charge of user experience at Apple. He is charged with updating and improving iOS7 and OSX. This strikes me as odd because Ive is a hardware designer. He make the toys look pretty. Though the more I think about it the more it makes sense. Ive is a leader at Apple and his artistic sense has been approved of by the late Steve Jobs.

It's interesting that Jony Ive has been tasked with a user interface overhaul for iOS7. His background is industrial design. He designs hardware. How good will he be at designing the UX? He hates skeuomorphism, will he get rid of it all and make everything flat? But it's not that simple. Jony himself will not actually be designing icons. Rather he will oversee a team of experienced ux designers. He will guide and shepherd them towards goals which satisfy his particularities.

Ive is a proven leader at Apple. He's been there since 1992. Since 1997 he's lead the industrial design team in creating beautiful simple computer hardware. And this is what he will do as he leads the Human Interface team. I imagine he will do less actual design and instead act as a spiritual leader. He will guide and shepherd the UX designers in creating an experience imbued with the soul of simplicity and class.

… it’s about authenticity and being honest. Not just taking something crappy and styling the outside in an arbitrary disconnected way.

Jony Ive

Is there a change more than cosmetic coming up? Will Ive work to change aspects of how apps and the OS work in while updating the look? I think he must. Ive won't change things for the sake of making them pretty. Industrial designs are tied to the function of the machine. It will be hard for Ive to leave this behind completely.

Jobs may be gone but his opinions and style is lived on in Ive. Together they worked closely to create innovative products with a specific style and attitude. More than anyone else Ive will be able to nurture this creativity and channel it into the Human Interface team.

After giving it some thought it makes perfect sense to put Ive in charge. He's a proven leader and will bring right style and spirituality to software that he's brought to hardware.

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