PostgreSQL is now Engine Yard's default database

Engine Yard's switch to PostgreSQL as it's default database is a great move. It puts Postgres in a high profile position. But it says more about MySQL than PostgreSQL. MySQL has been the default database of choice for many years but subtle changes since the Oracle acquisition point to a bleak future.

Being the default database for Engine Yard is a great coup for PostgreSQL. Their years of hard work are paying off.

As often the case what Engine Yard isn't say is more interesting than what they are. By elevating PostgreSQL they are regulating MySQL to the back burner. They still offer MySQL support, but I imagine their resources will be focused on Postgres.

This is just another small step in the eventual downfall of MySQL. Ever since Oracle took ownership a great decline has slowly crept into MySQL's life. Several core developers have left to create their own forks in MariaDB and Drizzle.

Oracle has made changes in how it develops MySQL. They are no longer shipping test cases with MySQL and have stopped updating the Launchpad with changeset data.

It will be interesting to see how this affects the database scene. It's a great opportunity for PostgreSQL. If anything it should be a wake up call to look into MySQL alternatives.

PostgreSQL is now Engine Yard's default database by
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