Quitting Feedly, One cut too many

Death of a thousand cuts, simple and deadly. The victim is bound and cut slowly, with small cuts. It's excruciatingly painful and takes a long time for the victim to die. The torture is far removed from our civil society, and it maybe crass to use to describe such, but it fits. Using tools and services we make decisions about what to use and when. It's a balancing act between the service provider asking too much versus what we give up.

So it is with Feedly. They are taking too much, throwing our relationship out of balance. I signed up for Feedly after Google Reader shut down. I gave it a shot because of it's good cross platform support, and the ability to add feeds in the app on my phone.

Feedly has done a couple of shady stuff in the past, but it wasn't so much to push me off. But they're at it again, finding new ways to capture page views at the expense of the original publisher. And this time I'm ready to move on.

It might be that their service can't survive without the click-jacking, but them maybe it shouldn't exist. So, while I don't pay for the service, I'm doing the only moral thing I can, canceling my account and moving onto a different services.

Quitting Feedly, One cut too many by
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