Reward your power users

Instagram is rolling out new web based user profiles in the coming weeks. The first thing I did was to check if mine was ready. It wasn't. I have no idea how they are deciding which profiles to move live first, but they should be rewarding their power users by expediting their profiles.

Power users are the core of any website. They create most of the content and drive most of the traffic. They are the most involved users and the most demanding. By giving them a little something you are showing them you acknowledge them and respect them.

Instagram could have a way to check to see which not-yet-ready profiles were accessed. Or have an opt-in button for power users to help move them up in the go-live list. Most users wont care or notice. But the power user will notice, and they will want their profile soon.

There are technical and logistical considerations to be had, but with a little forethought you can add an opt-in button. It may not take them to the top of the list, but it could move them up it. A little reward for being as a power user goes a long way.

How can you reward your power users?

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