Write ugly code

Write code. Write ugly code. Whatever you do write code.

No one writes good code the first time, or the second. No one writes good code. We refactor it, we rewrite it. We shape it and form it into a thing of beauty.

The stone statue is not carved perfectly the first time Michelangelo put chisel to stone. He carved away parts and pieces, forming the large parts. Then comes back and touches up and refines and adjusts.

We should code this way when we program. Flesh out the larger forms and gradually refactor, refine, and adjust our code. Push it and swirl it around, like colors of paint, until it starts to form a full program. Then refine it, shave off little parts, move others around, and rewrite parts to be obvious and not obtuse.

Write code. Write ugly code. It will be the foundation of something great.

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