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April 2017 - Current Customer Success Engineer
Kong Inc (née Mashape)

Kong Slack Zendesk

Kong is a San Francisco based startup, focusing on the API layer of Internet services.

August 2015 - April 2017 Customer Success Engineer

docker go python vim git bash jira is a San Francisco based cloud infrastructure company, who’s comprehensive serverless app platform empowers enterprise customers to scale their Docker-based workloads on cloud, public, private, or on-premises hosting solutions.

  • Work with customers to architect application patterns with Docker and Message Queues
  • Assist customers with production issues inherent in running Docker at scale
  • Manage enterprise customer’s technical needs; Turner/CNN, Whole Foods, GoPro
  • Troubleshoot customer’s custom code running in Docker containers; Go, Python, PHP, Node
  • Created internal Slack-Bot tools, using product APIs, for cluster creation; Go
  • Created Python utilities for internal DevOps use
  • Work with cross-functional teams, Engineering and DevOps, on product roadmap
  • Run on site enterprise customer training/scrum sessions

July 2014 - July 2015 Senior Web Programmer

postgresql html css hmac nginx WordPress Lua

Doe-Anderson is a member of the “big three” advertising firms in Louisville; they are one of the oldest agencies in America, being founded in 1915.

  • Built custom Wordpress themes and plugins
  • Google Maps API Wordpress integration
  • Capistrano server build and deployment
  • Migrated data from MSSQL to MySQL to Postgres
  • Custom Lua scripts for upsert, and other logic, for Postgres 9.4
  • Normalized and cleaned database data

March 2013 - March 2015 Software Engineer
Walled City

go vim postgresql nginx linux

Walled City was an experiment in online communities.

  • Built trie based threaded message board
  • Built web application infrastructure using Go
  • DevOps, managed apache, nginx, Linux, and Postgres servers

April 2011 - July 2014 Web Programmer
Power Creative

php html5 css linux fogbugz apache svn vim bind wordpress bootstrap twig slim media-queries jquery

Power Creative is a member of the “big three” advertising firms in Louisville, with ~150 employees and millions of dollars per year in billings.

  • Built web application using PHP frameworks, Slim, Twig, et al
  • Custom WordPress plugin development
  • Responsive CSS websites with Bootstrap and raw HTML/CSS.
  • Maintain legacy PHP websites
  • Google Maps API Wordpress integration
  • Built custom Javascript web based tools
  • Technical lead in strategic client meetings

October 2006 - April 2011 Web Developer
University of Louisville

html5 php css plone vim navigating-the-perilous-political-ways-of-working-at-a-university

UofL was founded in 1798; with more than 20,000 students it is the largest university in Louisville.

  • UofL homepage refresh, strategy and direction, UI/UX, HTML5, CSS, PHP
  • Maintained websites for the Development Office and Alumni Relations
  • Plone CMS custom theme development
  • Develop interactive sites using PHP
  • Wireframes, and UI/UX, with Basalmiq


  • LGDA 100 Show, Gold; UofL Homepage

November 2008 - March 2015 Programmer
Freelance, various clients

php apache bind linux git vim liquid wordpress

  • Develop HTML5 websites from Photoshop documents
  • WordPress, custom plugins, custom themes.
  • Shopify, store setup and admin, custom themes using Liquid templating language
  • Manage client interactions with technology providers

September 2003 - October 2006 Tier 2 Technical Support Specialist
Iglou Internet

trouble-tickets investigating dns apache php

Iglou was the Louisville’s first Internet Service Provider when it was founded in 1989. It continues to offers dial-up and DSL Internet connections, as well as a variety of web hosting and co-location services.

  • Worked escalated critical ISP connection issues
  • Website troubleshooting and management, Apache, HTML, DNS, PHP
  • Managed customer domain name registrations via tucows
  • Liaison to Bellsouth and Alltel (telcos)

August 1999 - November 2004 Owner
Society of No

apache linux movabletype wordpress xhtml

Society of No was a record label, and website, about local music. We curated an event calendar of local shows, published music related content, and released CDs and tapes from local bands.

  • Executive Producer overseeing album production Marketing / Public Relations planning
  • Web Development (XHTML, CSS2)
  • Online community manager
  • Linux server operations, Apache, perl, tomcat
  • Search Engine Optimization Graphic standards development

August 1999 - May 2001 Teaching Assistant, Web Development
University of Louisville

mac-os-9 html css ftp

UofL was founded in 1798; with more than 20,000 students it is the largest university in Louisville.

  • Tutored students in web coding, networking fundamentals, & Internet skills.
  • Administered Macintosh Lab (MacOS 8).
  • Linux m68k admin; apache, perl


Bachelor of Arts & Science
University of Louisville

Public Repositories

These repositories are ones I have created or contributed to.

Gestures Go
This is my playground when learning new concepts using the Go programming language. Most of these are the smallest possible code sketches required for me to practice the specific concept that I am lerning.

Daily Programmer
This is my repo of solutions to the Daily Programmer sub Reddit.

Go Katas
I wrote these katas for my own personal practice. A kata is a repetitive study. The idea is to write it over and over in order to grok a deeper meaning of the language.


Here is a sampling of blog posts I have written. I chose these for their popularity, or because I enjoy the writing itself. Comb through my blog’s archive for even more writing examples.

Building Go projects with gb
A look at Dave Cheney’s released build and dependency management tool for Go.

golang: My introduction to the Go programming language
A series of thoughts about my first foray into using Go.

golang vs PHP
Comparing and contrasting Go and PHP.

Progress through imperfection
Throw off the idea of perfection and just get shit done.

First impressions in the age of instant
How do we judge people, and are ourselves judged, in the age of instant information.

Good Process
A good process saves us from ourselves.

What can we learn from the death of virtual worlds?
I ponder about online communities.

Programming is terrible so learn to enjoy it
I ran across an anonymous opinion piece on how programming is terrible. It was posted a while ago, but it resonated with my own journey through programming. From when I was young and nothing was…

Go frameworks or libraries, design decisions and new project structure
Go makes it easy to not use frameworks. Instead, small tool libraries used together achieve the same utility. The resulting applications are less complex, easier to reason about, and nimble in their…


  • Code Louisville mentor
  • Civic Day of Hacking
  • Admin


First Computer: NEC Windows95 32 meg ram

Favorite Editor: Vim, the more I use it the harder it is to leave.