Good Process

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Good people with good process will outperform good people with no process every time.

— Grady Booch

A process is an established set of routines or procedures that you preform to arrive at a goal.

Process is something to plan out before it's used. It's the step-by-step plan by that you follow create and follow. It's your playbook, your how-to guide. The more detailed your process, the more you plan, the more variance allowed for, the more useful it will be. Write it down, preform it anytime you need to.

Setup different processes for your different goals. You will have one when we want to write daily, read, exercise, loose weight, drive home from work, to just about anything you do regularly.

First pick a goal and know your desired outcome. What do you want? Work backwards from your goal to where you are and create a set of steps to walk to get to your goal. Your own personal Yellow Brick Road.

Pick something you want. Think about it for awhile. Think about how someone who got there did so. What was the most recent step they took to achieve that which you desire. Then what was the step before that, and the step before that. Find all the steps between where you are and your want.

Plan in minute detail a process. A set of steps to get to that first goal. If you want to lose weight plan on exercise, and diet. Plan exactly when you will exercise, what exercises you will do, what will you wear, what time of day, where will you exercise, how will you get there. No detail is too small to leave out. Plan your food choices, plan on where you will and will not eat, who you eat with, what you will choose from the menu, or make yourself. What will you say when questioned about your new diet. Who will ask you about it? Make as many different answers as you need for as many people who will question you. Make answers for friends, family and even strangers. No detail is too small.

Plan your steps, plan your responses and you will have a good process. Then live your process. Live out the answers you have and follow your process.

If you want to read daily you might first start by limiting distractions around you. Turn off the TV, any music, and your cell phone. Go to a room all by yourself and shut the door. Find a comfortable seat where you can relax. Make sure you have enough light.

What time of day will you read, and for how long? What will you read, what happens if you don't have that book? What if you are interrupted? What will you say to the interloper, what will you say to yourself?

Create a step-by-step process for reading daily, document the exact steps to take. Create a list of things that could derail you from your goal and solutions to prevent distraction. Now you have a process designed specifically to get you to read daily. Follow this process regularly.

This is how we reach goals, this is how we create lasting change.

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