Your startup requires time and focus

Create time and focus for productivity

The best thing you can do for your startup is to work on it. Throw off distractions, set aside time, and focus on doing actions that move your startup forward.

Daily life is full of distractions; girlfriend and family, TV, and the day-job. Finding time for your startup can seem a daunting task. So you put it off, you work on it sparingly when you're "free". I do the same thing. I find excuses to lay on the couch after long hours at the day-job. If not being tired then being energetic and wanting to get outside and not be stuck inside doing more work. The roadblocks can be overcome and with focus comes action, and with that you can do anything.

The greatest demon of distraction is self sabotage. Slow down and pay attention to when you feel distracted. Look at why and see if what is distracting you is external or internal. I know that a distraction is internal when I feel my anxiety rise. I haven't always been able to catch this, but I'm getting better. And with practice you will to. Knowing where a distraction is coming from will help you manage it.

The best way to have time to work on your startup is to set aside time. Actually create a schedule when you will work on your startup and when you won't. Let everyone in your life know that you will be unavailable at the time you have set aside. Treat this time as precious and special. Make sure that the people in your life understand this.

When scheduling your time leave room to relax and be social. It's important to balance your life's activities. Don't work too much, but leave time for friends, relaxing or getting out and being active.

When it's time to work on your startup focus on only what you are doing. Put on headphones and drown out the world. It helps me to have thought about what tasks I plan to focus on before I've started working. You can take some time during your commute to brainstorm. Then when you sit down to work you can get started right away. Music and knowing your next step help you to focus. You'll spend less time planning your work and more time actually doing it.

Manage your distractions, schedule your time, relax into focus and you will see your startup grow.

Your startup requires time and focus by
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