The Power of a Plan

Parts of a plan
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For any undertaking larger than than a single step you need a plan to help you reach your goal. Plans give you direction, create a level by which to measure progress and increases your chance of success.

Where do you start on your new house. What do you work on first, the roof or the foundation. Having a plan that verbosely lays out a series of steps in order to reach your goal. The detailed list removes confusion, once a step is done you move on to the next item. There is no need to stop and reevaluate the whole situation, rather look to the plan for direction. Even if times arise when a specific step needs adjustment you still saved from having to rethink the entire project. A plan saves you time by giving you direction.

Your plan acts as a checklist of milestones towards your final goal. Each step, one after the other, is marked off when completed. The completed list of steps is the perfect measure of progress. With it you know how early or behind you are on your deadline. A plan helps you stay on schedule and prepares you in case unexpected issues do arise.

Creating a plan alone increases your chance of success substantially. Without a plan you compound your time and energy at every step. You re-think, re-ponder and re-evaluate everything start to finish; introducing fear, uncertainty and doubt through the entirety of your project. A plan limits this rethinking by limiting distractions bringing focus at a time when you to complete work not ponder the goal. You plan will help you succeed

Break down your goal into small digestible bites, then break them down some more. Create direction to help you move towards your goal, improve feedback by using your plan to measure your progress, and find success. All by creating a plan.

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